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Extra Night Stay
July 8, 2020


Campers may choose to stay overnight in between the Advanced Camp and the Position Specialty Camp.  Following check-out on the 8th, campers will meet in the lobby in Hoffman Hall at 4:30P to review the schedule for the rest of the day.  Campers will have down time in the afternoon, dinner and an evening activity.  Breakfast will be provided on the 9th.

In the past, campers have not had to change rooms for the extra night stay.  If there are specific roommate requests or if we don't want to leave campers alone in a room, we may have to have campers change rooms.  If that is the case, our staff will help each camper move.

Parents are allowed to take campers off campus during this time as long as they have it approved with camp staff at the 4:30P meeting in Hoffman Hall and have campers back in their dorm rooms by lights out.

Campers will need to go through check-in again for Position Camp on the 9th.

There is an additional $50 charge for this extra night, which includes the camper’s housing, food and supervision. 

You must make reservations with MADaboutvolleyball camps to stay overnight in between sessions.