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Frequently asked Questions:

Are there reduced rates for camps and how do I register?  
Discounts may be awarded for Team Camp and Positions Camp to those campers that are on free or reduced lunches at school (you will have to email proof of the reduced lunches for compliance purposes).  We also offer a reduced rate for those campers that have parents that work at James Madison University for position camp only.  Email camps@madaboutvolleyball.com to register for the discounts.  
There are currently no reduced rates or discounts for Advanced Camp.

When will the schedules for camp be posted on the website and emailed to us?  We will be posting the complete schedules for camp on our website no later than June 17th.  Check-in and Check-out times for each camp can be found by clicking on the camp links above.

Do you give out receipts for tax purposes?  We do not give out receipts for tax purposes

Can I make payments for the total cost of the camp to reserve my spot?  Yes, you may make payments for the total cost of the camp to reserve your spot, but payment must be paid in full prior to the start of camp to participate.  Once the payments have been made, there are no refunds as we will be holding that spot for your camper.  Email Leslie at camps@madaboutvolleyball.com to discuss payment options.

How old can the Physical/Health Assessment be that is brought to check-in?  Your physical needs to have been done in one year or less from the start of camp.

Do I receive a certificate for Camp attendance?  All Advanced Camp and Position Camp campers will receive a player evaluation form.  We do not give any participation certificates at this time.

Can I mail in the health/waiver forms prior to camp?  We ask that you bring the forms with you to check-in and not mail them in prior to camp.

What is the difference in the two waves at camp?  Due to the number of campers that attend our camps, we have to use two different waves to get everyone as much court time as possible.  The waves are not divided up by age or skill, they are just different based on times that the campers are on the court.  Sometimes you will be in the same wave as someone with the same age and skill but it is not guaranteed.  The teams are divided up by skill, not the waves.

Do we need to bring sheets to camp if we are overnight campers? yes!  Sheets are required for extra long twin beds

Do we need to bring soap for the bathrooms?  Yes, you need to bring all of your toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.)

Will there be refrigerators in the dorm rooms?  No, there are not individual refrigerators in the dorm rooms. There is a refrigerator in the lobby of the dorm, but everyone has access to it.

Can men help their campers carry stuff to/from their rooms?  No, men cannot go back into the hallways of the rooms.  There are other campers there and they might be changing in the rooms.  Men are free to stay in the lobby of the dorms. We will have staff available during check-in and check-out to help carry items to/from rooms as needed.

What is your refund policy?  Click here for the refund policy

Can campers drive themselves to camp and park?  Yes, campers can drive themselves to camp and park.  They must notify Lauren at camp check-in to get their parking pass (or they will get a parking ticket from JMU parking services that we cannot void).  Campers are not allowed to drive their cars while at camp.

Is your camp open to boys?  At this time, our camp is open to girls only.  In the future, if we can build enough interest we would like to potentially run a camp for boys, but at this time we do not offer one.