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We cannot guarantee a camper's spot in camp until we have received full payment. Camp balance must be paid in full prior to the start of camp in order to participate.

Please make checks payable to MADaboutvolleyball Camps.  Also, please include the camper's name and camp she will be attending in the "for" memo line.  For team camp, please include the camper's name and the HS that she attends in the "for" memo line.

You can either mail your check to:

MADaboutvolleyball Camps
MSC 2301
261 Bluestone Dr.
Godwin Hall #204
Harrisonburg VA. 22807

Or you can pay by credit card below.  Please note that there is a $15 processing fee for the use of all credit cards.  This amount will automatically be added to your total. 

You will receive confirmation of payment within 3 business days.


Overnight            Mail:  $550     Credit Card:  $565

Extended Day     Mail:  $450     Credit Card:  $465

Position Specialty Camp​  

Overnight            Mail:  $300      Credit Card:  $315

​Extended Day     Mail:  $200      Credit Card:  $215

Team Camp​   **For team camp, please email camps@madaboutvolleyball.com right after you pay with your camper's name and high school so we can be sure to credit the correct camper and team.  Thank you!

Overnight           Mail:  $350   Credit Card:  $365  

Extended Day    Mail:  $250   Credit Card: $265                    

Extra Coach         Credit Card: $150

Extra Night Stay (7/9/2019)        

Mail:  $50       Credit Card:  $55
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