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JMU Position Specialty Camp
July 9-10, 2020

Overnight $300, Extended Day $200
The Position Specialty Camp is for girls, age 10-18, looking for more intensive instruction in their position. All positions welcome: Outside/Rightside Hitter, Setter, Middle Blocker or Libero.  This camp is open to any and all applicants.  Last year, 92% of campers rated their JMU Camp Coach as either superior or excellent.  

Camp Highlights:

  • Six hours of daily instruction
  • Coach to camper ratio 1:10
  • Players grouped by age and ability level
  • Team Play/Tournament Play
  • Written Personal Evaluation at end of camp
  • Evening Activities
  • Get to know the JMU Volleyball Team

Overnight Camp - $300.00 - Supervised dormitory housing on campus and all meals provided. Campers stay in suite style dormitories, with two campers in each room.

Extended Day Camp - $200.00 - Lunch and dinner will be provided. Please note that start and end times vary.

Round the Clock Supervision - 24 - hour supervision is an important feature of every camp that we run. Staff members reside in the same dorm as the campers, and participate in all evening activities. We have a trainer on staff at all times, including overnight hours in the dorm.

It is expected that all campers attending our positions camp are able to set their own alarms and attend all sessions. Campers must be in the room assigned to them at lights out time, no exceptions. Responsible, non-disruptive behavior is expected at all times. Drugs, alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited and constitute, along with general misconduct, ground for immediate dismissal from camp without refund. No males are allowed past the lounge in the dorm.

Extra Night Stay
July 8, 2020

Campers may choose to stay overnight in between the Advanced Camp and the Position Specialty Camp.

There is an additional $50 charge for this extra night, which includes the camper’s housing, food and supervision. 

You must make reservations with MADaboutvolleyball camps to stay overnight in between sessions. 

A $100 discount may be awarded to those campers that are on free or reduced lunches at school and a $50 off discount may be awarded to those campers that have parents that work at James Madison University for position camp only. ​