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If you still have questions about camp, please feel free to contact us at any time.  You can contact us at camps@madaboutvolleyball.com or you can call our JMU Volleyball Camp Administrator, Leslie, at 859-351-0019.

You can mail in your checks (payable to MADaboutvolleyball Camp) to:  
                                                                   MADaboutvolleyball Camp
                                                                   MSC 2301
                                                                   261 Bluestone Dr. 
                                                                   Godwin Hall #204
                                                                   Harrisonburg, VA  22807

During camp, if you have an emergency, call 540-478-3330.

At the discretion of the camp director, discounts may be awarded to those campers that are on free or reduced lunches at school for team and position camp.